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Wedding in Georgia

Georgia's warm hospitality and stunning landscapes provide an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking a wedding destination.
The first step for a foreign citizen planning to marry in Georgia is to gather the necessary documentation. This typically includes a valid passport, a visa permitting entry into Georgia, and proof of single status or divorce, if applicable. It's crucial to check with the relevant authorities or the local Georgian embassy to ensure that all required documents are in order.

Once in Georgia, the couple can choose between a civil marriage or with ceremony. Civil marriage are conducted at the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi or at local municipalities throughout the country. The process involves submitting the required documents, paying a fee, and selecting a date for the ceremony. The civil ceremony is conducted in Georgian, so it's advisable to have a translator present if the couple does not speak the language.

Following the marriage ceremony, the couple receives an official marriage certificate issued by the Georgian authorities. This document is recognized internationally after apostle or legalization stamp service.

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Our team is ready to fully ensure your marriage in Georgia.

We offer marriage packages in Georgia:

  1. Marriage Registration with 4-day Apostle or Legalization stamp, civil marriage – 350$

  2. Marriage Registration with 2-day Apostle or Legalization stamp, civil marriage – 550$

  3. Marriage Registration with 1-day Apostle or Legalization stamp, civil marriage – 750$

  4. Marriage Registration with 1-day Apostle or Legalization stamp, civil marriage with ceremony, video and photo, bouquets  – 1500$

In any package we can add next services:

  • Ceremony marriage

  • Video

  • Photo

  • Bouquets

  • Limousine 

  • Wedding Makeup

  • Wedding hairstyle 

  • Wedding cake

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