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Our Services

Providing Everything You Need

Company Registration

Looking for a place to form a legal corporation?

In a country with low taxes -

Our team will provide you with full consultation.

Opening Bank Accounts

In Georgia, we provide the best, fast, and most convenient services for opening bank accounts for businesses and physical pesron.

Property Registration

Our company will assist you at all stages of property registration, such as mortgage placement and cancellation, obligation placement and cancellation, real estate inspection for various debts.

Registration With The Revenue Service

With the help of our specialists, you can easily and quickly register your company or individual as a payer with the Revenue Service

Account opening and company registration for IT companies

If you are an IT company and you want to bring your business to Georgia and most importantly open bank accounts, our company offers exclusive services, which consists in the fact that we are among the few companies in the Georgian market that have the opportunity to open bank accounts for IT companies.

Preparing Any Power Of Attorney

You can entrust us with drawing up, translating and notarizing any type of power of attorney.

Legal address provision

If you want to register an LLC and/or an industrial enterprise, as well as obtain residency, we offer legal guidance for this.

Company Registration In The Industrial Zone

The professional team of our organization will provide assistance to anyone looking to register their business in the Industrial Zone.

Trademark Registration

Entrust trademark registration to experienced specialists and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Take a credit

Do you need a loan for personal or business purposes? Our company is ready to offer thorough consultation with banks represented in Georgia.

Electronic Visa Service

In order to submit your paperwork for an electronic visa application, our company is prepared to assist you.

Preparation Of Contracts

You can entrust us with any type of document, both in Georgian and foreign languages, for preparation.

Representative In The State Structure

Our organization is prepared to represent your interests in governmental structures, at any time.

Agricultural Land Lease For 49 Years

When you have an experienced professional by your side, leasing or acquiring agricultural property is not that difficult, especially for foreign nationals, as they are not allowed to purchase agricultural land in Georgia.

Invitations For Visa

We are prepared to support you in making an invitation and obtaining a visa.

Notary Services

An experienced notary and their completely prepared staff will set up the necessary conditions for the appropriate documentation preparation.

Translation Service

You can get help from our qualified translators without leaving your home/office for any type of quality translation service in any language.

Registration of a branch of a foreign company

With our help, a branch of any kind of foreign company can be registered and/or closed in Georgia

Property Insurance

You can get the finest possible property insurance through our partner companies.

University, College, School Applications, And Admission.

You can contact us if you need help with admission to schools, we will help you to collect documents and get permission for admission to various institutes.

Apostille And Legalization

Please contact us if you need an apostille or legalization for your documents so that you can use a document made in Georgia abroad.

Legal assistance with the surrogacy procedure

You should get in touch with us if you want the surrogacy procedure to be as simple as possible, all of your rights to be safeguarded, and to avoid any misunderstandings of any form.

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