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Providing Everything You Need

Company Registration

If you're seeking a place to form a legal corporation in a country with low taxes,  our team will guide you through this.

Registration With The Revenue Service

With our specialists' assistance, you may easily and swiftly register your company with the Revenue Service.

Preparation Of Contracts

Any type of documents, both in Georgian and other languages, may be freely entrusted to us for preparation.

Representative In The State Structure

Our organization is prepared to represent your interests in governmental structures, at any time.

Agricultural Land Lease For 49 Years

When you have a skilled professional on your side, leasing agricultural property is not as challenging.

Opening Bank Accounts

In Georgia, we provide the best, fast, and most convenient services for opening bank accounts for businesses and physical pesron.

Notary Services

An experienced notary and their completely prepared staff will set up the necessary conditions for the appropriate documentation preparation.

Translation Service

You can get assistance from our qualified translators with any kind of documentation. 

Registration Of A Foreign Company's Branch

Any kind of business or representative office in Georgia may be established and/or closed down with our assistance!

Property Insurance

You can get the finest possible property insurance through our partner companies.

Invitations For Visa

We are prepared to support you in making an invitation and obtaining a visa.

Apostille And Legalization

Please get in touch with us if you require an apostille or legalization for your documentation.

Property Registration

Our company provides assistance with all phases of property registration.

Preparing Any Power Of Attorney

You can place your trust in us to draft, translate, and notarize any kind of power of attorney.

Company Registration In The Industrial Zone

The professional team of our organization will provide assistance to anyone looking to register their business in the Industrial Zone.

Trademark Registration

Entrust trademark registration to experienced specialists and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


Do you require a loan for personal or business purposes? Our company is prepared to offer you thorough consultation regarding your interactions with the bank.

Electronic Visa Service

In order to submit your paperwork for an electronic visa application, our company is prepared to assist you.

University, College, School Applications, And Admission.

For help with college admissions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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