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What Does It Include?

Are you considering moving to Georgia? People who are interested in moving must follow all ongoing regulations for legitimately entering and remaining in the nation, which is a multi-step procedure.

We provide comprehensive pre- and post-arrival services, such as applications for a visa, a residence permit in Georgia,  citizenship, and other connected services, such as those for families interested in reunification.

Our experts can assist you with any of these visa applications, and our services are not just restricted to assisting with visa applications. Additionally, we can help foreign nationals who want to live permanently in Georgia. Also, we can assist those who wish to move to Georgia with a variety of post-arrival problems, including renting or purchasing a home, signing utility contracts, creating a bank account, and many others.

We have an experienced team of immigration lawyers in Georgia, and we can address any concerns you may have regarding the procedures before and after arrival as well as the Georgia residence permit in general.

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