Immigration services – residence (permanent, temporary), citizenship

  • Labor residence (temporary)
  • Residence through real estate (temporary)
  • Investment Residence (Permanent)
  • Study Residence (Temporary)
  • Residence for family reunification (temporary or permanent)

Work Residence Permit Issued to a foreign citizen in case of starting a business or on the basis of an employment contract:

  • Whose annual turnover of the employer enterprise / based enterprise is more than GEL 50,000 for each foreigner applying for a work residence permit.

Short-term Residence Permit Issued through real estate to a foreign citizen and his family members:

  • If a foreign citizen owns real estate on the territory of Georgia (except for agricultural land), the value of which exceeds the equivalent of USD 100,000 in GEL. In this case, one year of residence is defined, which may eventually become indefinite.

Investment Residence Permit Issued to the foreign citizen and his / her family members:

  • Who has invested the equivalent of at least 300,000 USD in the territory of Georgia.

Study Residence Permit Will be issued:

  • If a foreign citizen is studying in an authorized educational institution in Georgia (university / school).

Residence Permit For Family Reunification Will be issued:

  • If a foreign citizen has a residence permit. In such a case, his family member has the right to request the right of residence for the period that is valid for his family member (not less than 6 months). According to the legislation of Georgia, spouses (children under 18) are family members.