University, College, School Applications and Admissions

UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, SCHOOL APPLICATIONS AND ADMISSIONS This service includes consultations for foreign nationals wishing to study in universities, colleges, or schools in Georgia, providing admission to those educational institutions, providing relevant documentation, representation, etc.

Contract Drafting Service

Contract Drafting Service Drafting any type of contract/agreement for both natural and legal persons. Also, conducting and managing the negotiation and mediation process between the parties in the process of making an agreement and signing the contract.

Lease of Agricultural Land for 49 Years

Lease of Agricultural Land for 49 Years According to the legislation of Georgia, a foreign national does not have a right to purchase agricultural land. We offer a solution that is an alternative to some extent – the lease of agricultural land for 49 years, which will allow an interested person to use this type […]

Bank Loan

Bank Loan This service implies getting a loan from any banking institution with the intention of buying an apartment through securing the loan by pledging the same apartment as collateral.

Property Registration

Property Registration Registration of property in the relevant state agencies for both natural and legal persons. Service includes all the related procedures. When buying a property in a foreign country, there is a risk that a particular property is seized, mortgaged or has any other issues. This service includes the elimination of such risks as […]

Property Insurance

Property Insurance Property insurance through our partner insurance companies with many years of experience for both natural and legal persons.

Real Estate Appraisal and Investment Valuation

Real Estate Appraisal and Investment Valuation This service involves the assessment of real or personal property for a specific purpose by associated auditors. Also, economic evaluation of investments, evaluation of investment projects with appropriate criteria, etc.

Visa Invitations

Visa Invitations Although there is a possibility to use visa-free travel in certain countries, we recommend that you insure yourself in order to avoid any difficulties when entering the country and have an invitation with you. You will be able to secure this through our visa service. Also, certain categories of countries need an e-visa […]

Services Related to Electronic Visa

Services Related to Electronic Visa In certain cases, a person wishing to enter Georgia needs a visa, during which he/she must obtain the category of visa that best suits the purpose of his/her trip to Georgia. Our visa service includes: Determining, in the particular case, whether a person needs an electronic visa to enter the […]

Apostille and Legalization Services

Apostille and Legalization Services In certain cases, in order for a document issued in a foreign country to be valid in Georgia (or, conversely, a document issued in Georgia to be valid in another country), the document requires an apostille or legalization procedure. Our service includes: Determination of which of the above procedures is required […]