Audit Services

The best way to determine a company’s compliance with international financial reporting standards and national law is to use the knowledge and experience of professional auditors. Our company offers the services of a team of experienced, professional and accredited auditors to conduct the highest quality audit.

Audit services include:

  • Tax Audit – Tax audit of the customer’s past period, which means to determine the compliance of the past accounting period with the tax legislation.
  • Financial audit – assessing the financial condition of the company, analyzing the results of operations, compiling a cash flow statement, preparing statements of changes in equity, preparing a report based on the results of the audit and making recommendations.

Other financial services:

  • Customs-brokerage services
  • Register as a taxpayer
  • Mediation services in the process of relations with credit organizations
  • Market research
  • Real estate / movable property appraisal